just after the dip...
take a rest!
it serves you right!




what about having a dip inside the deep blue see?
change your swimclothes for your waistcoat!




Halfway between winter and spring
the fur waistcoat is your best fellow.



You cannot do without a harem trouser this winter!
And of course it fits perfect with a fur waiscoat.
This one is a very nice reversible one
which combines fur and leather on the other side
and asymmetric hems.
You can wear it all with an asymmetric t-shirt as well
and a pair of black sandals.

all by Zara.



not the hat but the waistcoat

A play on contrasts and overlapping.
Fur coats share the limelight with tshirts and knitting.

Don't miss the waistcoat!



is bigger always better?

In Russia, bigger is always better and hats are no exception.
In this monumental country, a fur hat is the one accessory that is most emblematic of the sweeping epic that is Russia.



beyond the tradition

Russia invades catwalks & streets with its fur.



One of the main trends of this winter points to this country.
Russia is in fashion!
A colourful palette and interesting fabric juxtapositions as the Matrioshka dolls!




After having a quick glance to some of the summer key trends seen on the catwalks
we find that many of them are a gentle evolution of what it is being worn this winter.
Reshaping the futuristic silhouettes, 60s & 70s exotism,
winter folkloric evolved on homespun rustic influences
and the time for tea drawn on retro inspiration.
All dyed pale, earth and greys alongside brights and
weightless fabrics in order to announce summer has arrived.
A mismatched mix of nature-inspired prints and embroideries -the more the better!



organic and rustic

Voluminous but effortless silhouettes.
With warm shades of tea, copper, saffron and caramel.
The faded hues are reminiscent of a worn shard of old pottery.

It keeps on a rustic line and doesn't forget the crumpled essence.



following the colour line...

but on monochrome key and based on simple silhouettes.


rainny summer?

That's the forecast at Burberrys for this spring summer 09.
Dip-dyed and crinkled effects,
Tints of ochers, browns, and mossy greens, navy and greys into a slew of fabrics, sodden flares, rain-soaked capes and trenchs,
Degradé shades for a more casual wich keeps all the Burberry's heritage.



what about these ones?

With a more classic colour and textures combination you find those.
Camel and black as a base plus ribbons and straps... all tied up!


such stylish shoes!



They are not just shoes...

They are sculptures!

"It's primitive, going back to what counts." said Miuccia with regard to her collection.
But I believe it's more about really good taste and a perfect mix of materials and shapes.



without a trace

even when you accessorize yourself

a palette of flesh colours and nudes, with a dash of Eighties,
relaxed and very sexy.



feeling flesh



luxury crumpled

Keeping on this key colour direction we find a weightless feel.
Ribbon-tie clothes slipping off in an accidentally-on-purpose fashion
underpin a rustic mood of quiet luxury.
Don't miss any detail!



flesh tones

looking towards summer 2009 and its make up palette
Flesh and oyster neutrals set up as a core shade on next season's card.


less folky but...

+ in the Halloween direction...
Flesh coloured fabrics embellished with crystals from an apocalyptic & futuristic spring collection.
Natural elements got out of land art.
Drama content for this 1st November 2008.