Ankle-strapped shoes with spindly high heels
in mixed leather and shiny plastic.
Every single one featuring tiny and bigger bows,
just lovely!

(Remind me somehow last summer Prada collection
-with leather bows, golden rivets and details -)

Matching perfectly with the stiff tulle dresses featured scalloped edges,
high-waisted trousers, shorts gathered at the waist
and with the wide belts or ribbons.

We forget about the Chloé clog and platforms then,
Are Chloé and MacGibbon about to steer the brand back toward its origins?



Does it ring you a bell?
Is it either Missoni or Meisel's inspiration?

Cinched silhouettes, belted waists or through-belts,
low-plunging V-neck piqués, bandeau dresses,
pale palette...
A retro image of timeless pieces!

Is it or not lovely?



Even though I'm not a Missoni girl
I want to show today the beautiful colours & shapes treatment
of its campaign for spring summer 2009.

Rich and warm colours spanning retro browns of caramel,
marigold and cinnamon to peachy hues of strawberry,
rose gold and blush with the occasional interjection
of emerald green or chartreuse.

Among all those shades,
Isabeli Fontana and Natasha Poly
have turned up into modern beach-dolls
when being shot by Steven Meisel.



Proportions have been redefining in the last edition of B&B .
Everyday fabrics are taking new forms and uses.
They are being redesigned to create a sense of harmony with a subtle touch of offbeat.
A great and delicate development of three dimensional denim architecture,
creating new, distinctive jean silhouettes.
Bread & Butter embraces jeans brands traditional approach, combining contemporary denim luxury with street-level edge.

redefining proportions


I keep on doing a deep research of colour.
I've found out that we are about to celebrate one of the anniversaries of the year.
DKNY is about to turn 20!
and what a better way to celebrate it than with lot of colour!!!
The colours used on the models and the setting are clear throwbacks to the 80s
when the brand was first born, but now giving a distinct sense of that decade.
A clad model painted in vibrant fluors posing in an out-of-this-world
Her hair glows bright green and pink and her lips an eerie orange,
the model takes on an ethereal, almost alien presence.
The full spread of DKNY Fashion Forward can be seen
in the new February issue of Dazed & Confused.



Even if it's not a bright colour
I think it's worth showing you this green today.
A look in between fall & spring.
A perfect friendship among shape, ruffles & colour.
This strappy silk dress passes on an air of déshabillé.
It adds a touch of French chic to the prairie American girl.


This time is for blue,
a casual but sexy look with let me think of holidays, happiness...
Cool and fresh looks.
At Paul & Joe it is all about sassy and streetwise combinations.
This jumpsuit is one of my favourite outfits of the collection
with a touch of splashy summer floral print...
Do not forget about the prints...
They will be all around!


Taking the summer themes and having in my hands the Gucci advert
I cannot avoid thinking of the jungle.
Mixed up with nautical connotations in this case,
I would say it´s something among luxe, rock and a wee bit of red-carpet attitude.

In red, white and blue before the palette eventually give way to vivid aqua, deep violet, safari neutrals and a palatable dose of black.
Tailored safari pieces are the strongest ones to keep the colour look I am looking for.

Breaking no boundaries, all the signature Gucci elements are here to continue this summer!



Yellow is a perennial favourite come summertime, but this season the sunshine shade arrives teamed with white, grey or black accents, such as contrast soles, piping or ribbon ties. This colour combination will work well within sporty or tribal looks.

The perfect accessory will be the kit bag. Styles range from waterproof duffel and swim bags to rucksacks and cross-body gym bags.

It's the 80s Workout Trend!
The one that will finally mark the death knell of the ever-present fascination with all things 80s. This season it's all about sports & dance-inspired looks.
Let's dance!!!

A fresh look, combining easy sportswear layering with functional utility dressing.

I will definitely wear the yellow Marni sandals, the coat and white/yellow Michael Kors' bag with smokey grey tights plus a touch of spearmint green while waiting for the summer.



don't you feel as stripping yourself of everything
and wait till the summer?


or would you wear a visible pair of shoes instead?


you rather get some colour on you


are you ready

to show me your best look?


I feel naked!


I want U to send HUNGER
what you are wearing today!

Either a picture or a text…
my favourite ones will be published!

Don’t miss the chance of being the best!!!


or a skirt?


in a normal day...

you rather wear a pair of trousers


or are you being a sophisticated guipure woman?


this winter

are you being a cheerful knitting girl?



keener on red & oranges?


are you keener on touches of yellow & violet

I will go a bit further today,
I bet on checks and colours today!
checks, checks, checks
colour, colour, colour!

are you still thinking about plain?


Has somebody said something about fur?
I wear it!
what about those oversized shirts worn as a dress?
and...have you in mind the Prada brassiere-style tops?
Let's dress them all!


but the most important thing is
not to stop walking!
I feel this look is never gonna die!



if you need to scape of the cold weather,
you will find this new Moncler haute sportif
which is pushing the boundaries of both couture and sportswear
to a new level.

Sculpted silhouettes are designed from every angle.
Unexpected proportions and exaggerated shapes
get as much impact from the side and back views as the front.




you can get your fur,
your harem trousers
and your militar coat


or just keep on the Xmas mood...


simply try to hide a bit or



from the scratch it's easily to choose your future appearance



you can just start by picking up a tshirt and
tackle the world around!





Loads of Luck!!!

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