and what about if the day afterwards is a sunny day?
Let's start the week with a blue look.
What about a silk shirt and a girly polka spots skirt?
any suggestion?


what do you do when you wake up
the weather is grey and its Sunday?
I decide to wear a nice dress as this one
and impressive shoes as those ones of LV
go for a walk an stare looking at every single interesting detail
I find in my way!


what about wearing sequins?
Have you ever thought?

and...what about Versace?
many people don't like it because of ...
its nerve?

This bubble shaped mini dress embroidered entirely in laquered sequins
is one of the best options for this SS09.
what about the cocktail jumpsuit
in midnight blue
combined with the caged sandals?


Stefano Pilati's creations for YSL are
as iconic today as Saint Laurent's own designs were
when the label was launched in 1962.

The Parisian fashion house is still perfectly synchronized
with the modern zeitgeist where minimalist elegance
meets innovative tailoring.

Back then, Saint Laurent controversially put women in
'Le Smoking' tuxedo suits for evening and
mannish safari jackets for day,
and Pilati continues to push boundaries
while paying homage to this luxurious legacy.

For spring, expect a future classic blend of
power tailoring and oriental-inspired silhouettes.

but I would not forget, of course,
that you might prefer another brand.
Fancy a strawberry-Louis Vuitton one?

fancy a lollipop?

going through all new catwalks,
new trends...
thinking as well about spring summer...

I have found something really tempting:
a sweet fashion piece!

so tasty, so cool!

Love this colour and the garment.
I would wear it with something in grey.
Really lovely for winter.

Blue was everywhere at Stella's collection.
even for leather!
A biker jacket was dyed in shimmering metallic blue
looking cool layered over ultramarine charmeuse.

What about Stella?
What happened after her nude collection?

It is said that it was one of the designer's best collections in some time.
She has focused on a strong tailoring and providing a complete woman's wardrobe.
Subtle rounded volumes in the curved shoulder-lines
of simple belted coats and tailored SB jackets,
or in a billowy printed silk shirt dress and
the tufty fringed knit coats that stood
in place of fur on this particular runway.

What it's clear is that the unfussy sex appeal was there.


Fur and its way of combining it
plays an essential role in this collection.

A strategically draped long scarf edged in fur
leads to sleeveless shells.We can even see furry heels.
Those, together with paillette-covered kneesocks
give the vaguely seventies-feeling clothes a sensual subtext.

Plus, I have to say that Miu Miu’s FW 09.10 collection
is more than elegant.
Absolutely Parisian charm!

I have to say that I do like it much more than first line Prada.
Even if I usually love Prada.

This time Miu Miu has exceeded all expectations!


A sensual collection with a high percentage of nude shades
as already seen on spring summer 2009.
haven’t you thought of last Prada collection?
I mean, the SS09 one,
where bras combined with skirts,
sleeveless clothes,
wrapped pieces of fabric holding the body
conveyed sensuality.

A really good job of patterns making
and shapes game.



Do you remember Paul Poiret?
His orientalism and artistic influence
bursted onto Dior's fall winter catwalk.

Delicated chiffons painted with paisley prints,
brocades, beading, embroidery...
Dresses in gold, peach, orange,
turquoise or red that were inspired by the 20s
as the hats and helmets the models were wearing.
Gathered waists, harem trousers, Oriental jackets
and the typical Poiret's hobble skirt.

Every single detail conveys to a beauty & relax romance



Known by its leather, Hermès,

features pilot jackets, fur-collared crocodile bombers,
leather jumpsits, trenchs…
deciding that way to dress a forties influenced woman.
Do you like flying?
Fancy a lift?


I can expect everything from him.
The most singlular,
the most especial,
the most shocking
and exciting performance!

He has just a huge imagination.

Extreme make models,
dressed up on theatrical costumes
upon the most enormous platform shoes ever,
some in red patent to match the huge glossy lips,
with various paraphernalia on their heads:
upturned umbrellas, woven baskets, feathered lampshades,
stiff spheres of lace, gigantic black plastic rollers,
huge piles of shiny rubber, even one plastic bag
that hid the girl's face completely.

high-drama satires of twentieth-century landmark fashion!



There's not much left to say.
Elegant, beauty, rich...
Just one more proof of Jacobs' genius!

Thise stunningly made cashmere black coat
over the delicate jersey and such a puffed mini skirt
contrast with those infinite boots.
Gilded monograms on the bag &
again colourful underwear...
I would absolutely dare!
Again bows, pearls
and the perfect combination of nude and black.
I just find it lovely!
Don't you?

I find this outfit gorgeousssssssssss!
I do not know if I would wear it
which such underwear coz I
do not dare as much as Marc does but...
why not to try?

look at the details.
Marc decided to use colour,
to use bows, ribbons
and lace up boots and garments.
To show!
mini-lace galore!

But silk tulip skirt, little dresses
with puffed shoulders;
the way of pulling skirts and dresses in
at the hem between generously puffed hips and again shoulders
brought elegance to those 'punky' 80s


I can see clearly trails from 80s:
the oversize coats, the minidresses,
flashy colors and prints…
It has been confirmed once more
by one of the last fashionshows of Paris!



mushroom neutrals, khaki,
camel and pine green
with accents of teal and peach
for wooden duffels, blanket coats and
the most winter items of the collection.

The most ‘summertime’ collection
for winter 09.10
I could see Chloé’s blouson silhouette
in soft fabrics with gathered volume
over a soft palette.
But there was of course room for wintry colours
leather, suede and flannel.
Paper-bag-waist blouson shorts arrived in supple,
high-waist peg pants were rolled at the cuff,
and the long-length tulip skirt and
boyfriend blazer were all present as well.


I can see on this pose
the very essence of Mademoiselle Chanel.
It almost looks as if the clock had stopped around the 20s
and someone had tried to fix it right now!

The heritage, the mood, the colours…
It has been all a reminder of the timeless appeal of all-things Chanel.

Meticulous attitude!

what about the hat?
Do not miss the new Art Deco-inspired jewellery collection!

The House aesthetic and palette triumphs one more.
Black & white
with touches of Victorian influence
are some clues to follow Chanel outfits!

Even if there are some items painted in
soft sorbet pink and jade green…
I do choose timeless B&W!
No doubts!


Swimsuits for winter?

It is one of the leather pieces of the YSL collection.

You can combine them in different ways.
Perfect with a pencil skirt and a blazer!


Even if there were not many dresses...
I have to emphasize this one.
Look at the subtle decolleté!

Black, grey and white.
Neither a print nor a colour.

A monochrome collection.
Classical and elegant as YSL itself.
black leather, flannel, chalk stripes…

Plenty of extended shoulders but not with
the intention of the 80s at all!

I find here a honed tailoring into new but accessible shapes

There is not much room for dresses
but for a black tuxedo coat-dress, loosely buttoned over.

The sort of piece Pilati foresees a woman keeping in her wardrobe forever!


totally black.
Look at the way of folding,
the waist
and the shape...
pure elegance!

always Lanvin!

‘I am trying to design for now,
for real women and their life,
as well as their fantasy.
To do things that are very contemporary.
But we are about evolution,
there are lots of pieces here that we've done before
but they are reworked.
Almost everything is cut on a bias this season.
It felt right instinctively –
when I thought about it I realised how it hugs a woman.
Instead of the normal silks and satins that you see in a bias cut,
we took wool and coats and skirts.
And there was also daytime dressing.

Life is not just all parties and lunches
- although we certainly seem to do a lot of them.’
by Alber Elbaz.
As beauty as we are used to!


Pattern play came in the form of
colour-block silk dresses
with their haphazard patchworks
of abstracted florals and subtle skin prints.

Do you dare with Dries?

a subtle reinterpretation of the Balenciaga jodhpur,
puff-shouldered shirts,
collarless tux jackets with swagged satin torsos,
ribbon-tied fur wrap coats edged in smooth satin...
Pure elegance!

Gone is the futuristic latex and rubber,
the strict structure of the past gave way to
a state of romanticism featured into
gathered around the waist skirts
looped upward in graduated drapes;
fluid folds of oyster, powder pink, midnight blue and black.
I just love it!
Let's keep the trace!

Let’s move to Paris.
Catwalks are running and
I cannot wait more to talk of
one of my favourite ones:

Satin, Satin & more Satin!
draped for short skirts & tops
they perfectly team with or lace bandeaux.
Sculptural figures
far away from robotic structures
of past seasons.

Is it a wink at romanticism?



Byzantine flavour
for the iconic prints of Etro.

Burnished metallics into the favoured spice-toned palette.
Inspiring mosaics with an
ethnic colour palette of rust red,
zesty orange, saffron and a jolt of violet
was underpinned by warm neutrals of
mushroom, pumice and charcoal grey.

Let’s keep an eye to colours!


It has been different to last collection
and different to what Alberta Ferretti
does usually present.

bold colour-blocking
Clashing colour!
Flesh pink, plum, gold, teal and orange.

That is what surprises me the most.

"This collection was about positivity as well as reality.
It was about real dresses for real occasions
and the possibility to transform from day to night,"
Ferretti told.
"I also worked a lot with contrasts
-something bright and shiny with something matt,
heavy fabrics with something light,
or a touch of acid yellow with black."

Layered chiffon blouses teamed
with heathered wool skirts,
shiny satin cummerbund,
lustrous velvet and metallic lace.

Historical dress references jumped from
Ferretti's favoured 1920s elements
to Edwardiana.

Follow the History!



simple shapes but richness of fabrics at Marni.
Felted wools, tweeds, jerseys, fox and mink
as the main on the catwalk.

Plain and simple silhouettes decorated by
sequinned bibs, brocades,
jacquarded silks,
antique gold flowers…

It was in the textures and fabric mixes
that the collection really shone.

everyone talks of a whim,
but… do you think it is?

I just consider it as a timeless beauty collection!
It is not just a fancy passing!


the 20s and 30s

A surrealist-inspired collection
that paid homage to Schiaparelli
and Marilyn Monroe.
The empowered sleeve,
the exaggerated leg-of-mutton sleeve,
which came in every manifestation
from ruched taffeta to towering goat hair.

it was all about the house's signature
va-va-voom hourglass silhouette
neat-fit pencil skirt suits and waisted jackets
teamed with tailored pants or full crini-skirt.
brocades with georgette plissé, crepe, cloqués
and a plethora of dramatic furs.
Monroe-patterned organza crinoline dresses
and sassy corseted purple and gold cloqués and brocades.



Tina Chow, her world and her crowd!
Her maverick style,
that is exactly what inspired Frida Giannini.

It is something between the androgynous side
and the extremely sexy, fetishistic style.

There was so much shimmer and shinesequins and glitter finishes in silver,lurex-spun knits, lustrous panne velvet.Midnight blue or wet-look blackwhile the Gucci biker jacket updatesincluded pewter broadtailor striped matt/shine options.

Gucci goes directly into a disco-glitter overdrive!


'The flattened silhouette is simple and chic,
while everything else is three dimensional,
sculptural, and faceted like a diamond.
A woman can put the pieces together as she wants,
or just pull on a dress and be done.'

That's what Tomas Maier explained regarding his collection
but I would directly say 'a diamond'.
That is how I would describe Bottega Veneta collection.

A warm palette typical of the brand
of cashmere, velvet and silks.



‘It all started with the envelope,’
according to Maier.
‘It was about fabric enveloping the body.
It was a very rectangular silhouette and
I started to attach the fabric to the ribcage and
worked on visible interior construction of a garment
-with a focus on the breast.’
Asymmetrical folds and flaps added dimension to softer, cleaner fabrics.
As usual, a timeless glamour with natural colours
paraded up and down the catwalk.

black, grey, royal blue, white and stone
were the colours applyed over
trenches, long chiffon flowing dresses
and full-pleated skirts.

'I wanted it to be poetic and gentle, mixing the city with the country,' told Bailey.
'I was inspired by British iconography, including Elizabeth, the countess of Devon, and Virginia Woolf - who had a house in Chelsea and a house in the country.'

The collection was languid and voluminous
yet still very feminine and light.

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