it's being a while!
HUNGER has been in a break

let's gonna see what's going on
within the fashion world!



"If you lean toward conservative clothes,
opt for a powerful color to keep it modern,"
counsels Michael Kors.


what about matching it with this garment?


the blazer jeans
is a cool option for summer
really fresh and even to match with your already worn jeans


but today, I would mix up touches of all those
paillets, black & white
and a touch of bright colour

Lovely trousers of pailletes and a 'casual' white shirt
plus a colourful purse

all by Stella.



what about a bit of colur after B&W?
This is one of the proposals of Lanvin


if you rather bet for sexy
with a more agressive look
I would choose this of Alexander Wang


to contrast with white...


another style.
This one by Stella.


same as this one

as I promised you
I wos looking for the White Dress
(with capital letters!)

this one belogs to Like Ashes collection by AROMA 30


this one for tonight
If I had the chance of finding this garments right now
I would wear those!


& the maximun sophistication goes for
Chanel & Karl
Are you still again fast food?


Great cover for the Acne magazine.
Everytime gets more and more sophisticated!



forgot to tell you that the other look was an
Alexander Wang's
cool one!
this one belongs to the brand as well
more quiet, in black & white
playing with the huge belt/ corset


Pailletes, knitting & pailletes
You can even customize your old clothes
by placing over pailletes
you will glitter!


don't you remind you a little bit the corsets & undervests inspiration?


a strong inspiration for the forthcoming autumn/winter 2010/11 trends


some more details...

corsets are garments with historic smock details
really romantic


It looks like Vogue Italia was looking for the same athmosphere
May 09


A shot of Harpers, May 09
love the lights & delicated pose


I'm looking now for the romantic side of fashion
romantic shades,
fade colours...
This one belongs to Lula ss09


This image of Vogue -1937-
reminds me a lot of Chanel era


Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky is the second feature film
on the life of the fashion designer to be released this year,
after Audrey Tautou portrayed her in "Coco Before Chanel"

It brought the curtain down on the Cannes film festival.



by the way,
forgot to tell you how Matthew Williamsom's dress for H&M
looks like Dior's Chérie ad campaign.
It's not that both are the same,
of course not!
But colour, length, décolleté...
Has been fuchsia the dresses spring colour
and I didn't realised?


But of course those are the most cool!


it's all about denim as I said
It's all around!
I've picked up some of the ones
I consider the best for you.
For you to choose yours!



when walking along the seafront
choose a pair of wooden heels like those!

fancy a sunbathe?

perhaps this retro high-waist bikini
printed with tiny polka dots and funny bows
we can open the beach season.



Acne is updating versions of last seasons garments.
This one was called Bella.
Now in soft, light weight blue denim with a V-shaped back.
Wear it either with or without a belt.
I would wear it also with high heels & a black blazer.
more options?


Different look for the real Blair
Leighton Meetster shows more than her
Gossip Girl alter-ego Blair Waldorf ever does,
in an edgy oversized Jil Sander blazer and shorts combination.


so lovely outfit
make-up shades with spots of colour
You can find it at Alberta Ferretti's.



mixing blue and nude
or viceversa is what I feel more like this spring summer
For me thats the perfect combination
What's it for you?
any proposal?



I would rather wear such a billowing dress
with those YSL accessories.
Total black contrasting with Angelina's dress
is just perfect.
Would you have a better option?



This year's 62nd Cannes Film Festival
shows some of the best looks of the moment
It's like a second catwalk

look at this nude long dress that Angelina is wearing.
I would choose different accessories though,
especially the purse.



But it's not just blue the colour of the summer
That's the other one I'm surrounded by too.
I like the sexy cover of VOGUE June
It generally deals with how we choose to clothe our bodies
therefore this time it looks like they do choose nude



natural, camel, black and ribbon
I like the big necklaces that Marni proposes.
Huge bow and petal-drop tangled necklaces
would match with any of the blues of the summer.



from blue Klein to turquoise.
A blue dress as this one of Mochino
A blue jacket or a blue suit...

compulsory this summer!



Cool Fendi sandals!
Blue Klein with elastic straps...
Are you still thinking of your black ones?

Blue + worn jeans
perfect combination.
Top: Balmain
Jeans: Citizens of Humanity
Necklace (used as belt): VeraWang


a simple T dress as the really easy option.
Its perfect to go to the beach
but with a blazer and a pair of heels
you could go to a rustle up-party
I'm kind of obsessed with blue.
Klein and Royal Blue
are the colours for me this summer!


It's here again
Matthew Williamson for H&M
For Women & for Men!


The biker jacket is one of the musts of the season
This one belongs to Alexander Wangs SS09 collection.
The jacket body is denim-blue suede
with an off-centre zipper closure
and black leather sleeves.

Its colour and crinkled patina makes it look like denim,
and many blogs have reported it as such,
but it is in fact all-leather/suede.
Team it with a black ensemble
it's all about jeans this spring 2009
the more worn the best,
Balmain has something to say about it.
The bleached worn ones that we could see on the catwalk...
they have been the very beginning.


I had seen my beautiful YSL bag
(the one I showed you yesterday)
last time I went to HK
but I thought I could easily find it once back home.

I was looking for it all around.
Neither in Europe nor in the States.
Instead, I found this one in Paris but,
of course I waited to go back to Hong Kong
to pick up the other coz' I found it very special.

What do you think of this one?
It belogs to the men's collection as well.
I do love men's bags they are so...big!

Which one do you prefer?


I guess you know the Easy bag collection
by YSL now...the family is growing!

I've found this beautiful one in HONG KONG.
It's a SPECIAL EDITION and you can just buy it there.
ah! and this one is supposed to be for men. But I love it!
The leather is soft and the colour is more than special!

I'm gonna wear it with my white dress!


a bit more romantic
I've found this dress which I think is lovely.
don't you love it?

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