I had to wait to see the show.
It was compulsory to wait for him,
it could not be other way!

&…Marc Jacobs seizes me again!
He rejects the subdued elegance of past seasons
to show the ‘punky’ style of the 80s
mixed up with the glamour of that decade.

It is more than evident the influence
of punk icon Stephen Sprouse
has made an impression on Jacobs.
Quite obvious since LV is currently
selling a Sprouse-inspired collection.

Vibrant clashing looks veered from
the swirling patterns of crystal-studded leggings,
to polka dots, baroque patterned metallic brocade,
colourful netting, black lace and fan-pleated velvet.

Glowy colours, jutting angles, pleats and puffs go for
an irreverent message that pretends to lift your mood!

Have a look at the whole collection.
Has Marc succeeded?

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