Love the bows and the cages!!!


Anonymous said...

I love the layout of this blog and the pictures are right on trend however I find the writing nauseating. I'm sorry, I know that sounds horribly rude and I do love what you've done with your blog but I just feel you would get a lot more comments and respect for your blog (which you obviously put a lot of work into) if your wording didn't sound so much like a marketing advertisement that has been poorly translated from Korean.

Is english your 2nd language by any chance?

So I'm really sorry if I've come off as rude but I hope you can take some creative criticism from my comment and not shun it in annoyance, I really do think your blog has a lot of potential.

HUNGER said...

Thank you very much for your comments anonymous!

Actually I'm a marketeer, maybe that's the reason why!

Why don't you give me an example of what's for you a great text?
I might be really influenced by work & I would appreciate it.

The worst is that you consider me Korean. Gosh!
didn't know my English was so horrible! I was aware that I could have some mistakes but...

I do thank you and await your reply!

by the way, English is my 2nd or 4th language.




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